1. Before beginning certifications, you will not need to certify with AHIP.
  2. To begin certifications, you will need to access the training center at the following link: http://www.alierahealthcare.com/training-center/.
  3. From here you will need to click on “Brokers/agents”, and then “Enter the Broker/General Agent/Producer Training.” 
  4. The password you use to log in was sent to you upon completion of your contract. 
  5. Once you are logged in, please take the time to watch Aliera’s three training videos.
  6. After viewing, visit the Assessment Center to the right of the videos to participate in a short review as a final step in the Agent/Broker appointment process.
  7. You will use your writing number when completing the assessment. 
  8. Once training is complete, an email notice is sent that the training is complete and your personalized enrollment link will be activated. The enrollment site is active within 24 hours of the completed training.
  9. At that point, you may begin selling Aliera’s products to your clients through your personal enrollment site.

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