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Healthshare Company: Ensurian
Parent Company: Aliera

Important Contacts:
Customer Service: 1-844-834-3456 (toll free)
Corporate: 1-404-618-0602
Email: info@ensurian.com 

Ensurian Website: https://www.ensurian.com/
Producer Portal: https://administration123.com/manage/index.cfm

Plan Types Offered:
Health Care Sharing Ministries:

  1. Everyday
  2. Complete
  3. Interim
  4. Catastrophic

Click here to get contracted with Aliera/Ensurian. 

You will not be required to complete AHIP certifications in order to sell Aliera products. However, you will need to complete Aliera’s certifications. 


  1. At this time, all brochures are electronic files. You cannot order supplies.
  2. To access these electronic files, you will need to log into the Producer Portal:
  3. From here, click on “info” in the right hand corner in order to view these files.
  4. Here you can find enrollment forms, membership guides, and much more.

There are currently no training tools available on the Producer portal.


  1. To access presentation materials, you can find brochures available on the Producer Portal: https://administration123.com/manage/index.cfm.
  2. Just click on “Info” in the right hand corner to access these materials.
Enrollment Methods
  1. You can use your online portal to enroll an individual in an Aliera healthplan.
  2. Your personalized portal will show the different plans available.
  3. Simply choose the right plan for your client, and click on “enroll now.”
  4. Your client will then need to fill in their personal information, as well as answer questions regarding their current health status. They will need to provide their payment method as well.
  5. When the corresponding information has been filled out, click “submit” at the bottom of the screen to complete the enrollment process.
Scope of Appointment (SOA)

Aliera does not require you to complete a Scope of Appointment when meeting potential clients.

Client Tracking

  1. To view whether an enrollment application you have submitted has processed, you can do so on the Producer Portal: https://administration123.com/manage/index.cfm
  2. Simply click on “Members” in the right hand corner to view the individuals you have enrolled.
  3. You can also search for members you have enrolled by using their name and member ID.
  1. You can view commissions on the Producer Portal: https://administration123.com/manage/index.cfm.
  2. Click on “Comm” in the right hand corner to view your commission statements.
  3. You can search for commissions by the time period in which they were received.
  1. To access different forms, including membership guides and agent forms, please log in to your Aliera agent portal: https://administration123.com/manage/index.cfm
  2. Click on “Info” in the right hand corner.
  3. Here, you can find sales sheets, enrollment forms, and membership guides.