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Call Us: 1 (866) 444-9673

Altrua Healthshare

Altrua Healthshare

Healthshare Company: Altrua

Parent Company: None

Important Contacts

Customer Service: 1-888-244-3839

E-mail Contacts

Member Services: memberservices@altruahealthshare.org
Accounting: accounting@altruahealthshare.org
Executive Director: executivedirector@altruahealthshare.org
Altrua Ministries: ministries@altruahealthshare.org


Altrua Website: http://altruahealthshare.org/
Producer Portal: http://myaccount.altruahealthshare.org

Plan Types Offered

Altrua HealthShare is a recognized Health Care Sharing Ministry and offers the following plans:

  1. Diamond Membership
  2. Emerald Membership
  3. Sapphire Membership
  4. Ruby Membership

Click here to get contracted with Altrua.

For Altrua, you are not required to complete AHIP certifications. However, you are required to complete Altrua product certifications.


At this time, agents are not able to order supplies through Altrua’s Producer portal.

  1. For training and certification purposes, you have access to a PowerPoint presentation covering the information that is crucial to the certification process.
  2. Just click on this link: http://altruahealthshare.org/training/.
  3. Underneath, you will see “Representative Certification Presentation Slides.”
  4. Click on this to access certification training.

You can access the Sales tool PowerPoint presentation on the Altrua website, at the following URL: http://altruahealthshare.org/certified/.

Enrollment Methods

Once you are contracted and certified, you will have access to the Producer Portal: http://myaccount.altruahealthshare.org. Using the Producer portal, there are 3 different ways to set up clients to view plan options and apply for membership:

  1. You can set them up with a Representative – Assisted Quote by going directly to
    http://myaccount.altruahealthshare.org. (This is recommended.)
  2. You can create a link to send your clients which will take them to the Registration
    page on http://myaccount.altruahealthshare.org so they can “self-register”. (This is also recommended.)
  3. Send your client to www.altruahealthshare.org and click the Join Now button.
    This will take your client to the membership application portal, http://myaccount.altruahealthshare.org.
Scope of Appoinment (SOA)
Altrua does not require you to complete a Scope of Appointment when meeting potential clients.

The commission rate for the first three years of being contracted with Altrua is 5%. The commission rate is payable only following the end of the month after a first time member’s second monthly contribution.

Client Tracking
  1. To be able to view enrollment applications that you have submitted, you will need to log in to the Producer Portal: http://myaccount.altruahealthshare.org.
  2. Once you are logged in, under “Broker Portal,” click on “Reports” to view your enrollment applications.