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Insurance Company: Americo
Parent Company: None
Important Contacts

Claims, Customer Service & Commissions: 877-212-2346
Med Supp Support: 855-864-8526
Med Supp New Business Fax: 855-248-8327
Agent Support: 800-231-0801
Email: medsup.licensing@americo.com
Email: contactamerico@americo.com
Customer Service: customer.service@americo.com

Sales Support

Phone: 1-800.231.0801
Email: sales.support@americo.com

Agent Services

Phone: 1-800.231.0801
Email: agent.services@americo.com


Americo: www.americo.com/
Producer Portal: www.americo.com/Agent/

Plan Types Offered
  • Medicare Supplements
  • Fixed Life insurance
  • Fixed Annuities

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To sell Americo products, you will not need to complete the AHIP. However, if you plan on selling Fixed Annuity or Whole life products, you must complete the Anti-Money Laundering Training before submitting business. Americo offers Anti-Money Laundering training through LIMRA.

  1. You can order supplies on the Producer Portal: www.americo.com/Agent/
  2. Log in, and to the right of the screen you will see “Need Marketing Materials.” Click on this.
  3. Here you can choose the product and the state. Click submit.
  4. This will take you to the checkout. You can choose more products at this time, or change the quantity.
  5. You can order up to 10 packets for each product.
  6. You will be asked to confirm your shipping address and fill out payment information. Now you can place the order.

Americo offers education and training opportunities on the Producer Portal: www.americo.com/Agent/

  1. Log in and underneath “Resource Center,” click on “Education and Training”
  2. Now you have access to agent guides, PowerPoint presentations, and videos.
Enrollment Methods

Method 1: E-application

  • Using the Sales Connection application, you can submit enrollment applications for clients. You will need to be appointed with Americo, and must register on Sales Connection before being able to use the app. Click here to go to the sales connection website.
  • In addition, Americo provides a demo site in which you can practice completing an e-application. Just visit here and log in to get started: scdemo.americo.com
  • For Medicare Supplement applications, you will need to log into the Producer Portal and then click on “Medicare Supplement Portal.” This will redirect you to the medicare supplement portal. Once you have access to this, you can begin an online application by choosing the “Online App” tab to the top right of the screen. Click here for the user guide.

Method 2: TeleApplication

  • You can complete an application over the phone, and receive an underwriting decision within minutes of completing the app. Click here for guidelines on how to use the TeleApplication.
Scope of Appointment (SOA)

Americo does not require you to complete a Scope of Appointment form when meeting with potential clients.

Client Tracking
  1. You can check the status of applications you have submitted by using the Sales Connection Application.
  2. Log into your Producer Portal: www.americo.com/Agent/
  3. Click on “Sales Connection” on the top right. This will redirect you to the Sales Connection Portal.
  4. To search the status of submitted applications, click on “Open Case.”
  5. Here you can search for clients by last name, and can view the status of their application.
  1. To view your commissions, you will need to log in to the Producer Portal: www.americo.com/Agent/
  2. Under “My Business,” click on “My Statements.”
  3. You can search for commission statements by policy number or name of the client.