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Insurance Company: GlobalHealth
Parent Company: None

Important Contacts

Customer Service: 1-877-280-5600
Producer Help Desk: 1-918-878-7316

Sales Contacts

Diane Lancaster, Director, Producer Relations: 918-200-1464; diane.lancaster@globalhealth.com

Nancy Adams, Manager, Sales Support: 918-878-7316; nancy.adams@globalhealth.com

Taryn Mott, Manager, Producer Relations: 405-280-5682; taryn.mott@globalhealth.com

Generations Medicare Advantage Plans Customer Care:

Phone: 405-280-5555 or 844-280-5555
Email: MedicareAnswers@globalhealth.com

Generations Medicare Advantage Plans Part D Questions:

Members: 866-494-3927
Email: MedicareAnswers@globalhealth.com

Generations Medicare Advantage Plan Enrollment:

Phone: 844-322-8322

State, Education, & Local Government Employee Plan Customer Care:

Phone: 405-280-5600 or 877-280-5600
Email: CommercialAnswers@globalhealth.com

Federal Employees Health Benefits Program Plans Customer Care:

Phone: 405-280-2989 or 877-280-2989
Email: CommercialAnswers@globalhealth.com

Commercial Plans Customer Care:

Phone: 405-280-2964 or 877-280-2964
Email: CommercialAnswers@globalhealth.com


GlobalHealth: https://www.globalhealth.com/
Producer Portal: https://www.globalhealth.com/agents_login.aspx

Plan Types Offered
  1. Medicare Advantage Plans
  2. State Government Group Plans
  3. Group Policies

For GlobalHealth Medicare Advantage Plans, you are required to complete AHIP certifications as well as GlobalHealth Certifications.

  1. You can order supplies online using the Producer portal at https://www.globalhealth.com/agents_login.aspx.
  2. As soon as you log in, you should see a tab that says “Order Materials.” Click on this.
  3. Now you can choose which products you would like to order and the delivery method.

There are currently no training tools available on the Producer Portal.


There are currently no presentation materials available.

Enrollment Methods
  1. Method 1: Online
    1. Whenever you are first contracted with GlobalHealth, you will be sent a login for Connecture, the GlobalHealth portal in which you can submit electronic applications.
    2. When you first log in to Connecture, to start a new enrollment application, click on “Start New Enrollment.”
    3. You will need to enter in the zip code to search for available plans.
    4. When you have chosen the right plan, click on “enroll” and complete the enrollment application.
  2. Method 2: Paper Application
    1. If you complete a paper application, you can submit it via fax to the following number: 1-918-878-7316.
Scope of Appointment (SOA)
The agent must complete the Scope of Appointment (SOA) form signed by the beneficiary prior to the sales meeting. GlobalHealth does not require you to submit the SOA with an enrollment application. However, forms must be retained for audit purposes and a copy given to GlobalHealth upon request. You can find the SOA in the enrollment kit.

For commissions inquiries and questions, email agenthotline@globalhealth.com.

Client Tracking

In order to track pending enrollment applications, please call GlobalHealth’s Producer Help Desk at: 1-918-878-7316.


To access forms, go to https://www.globalhealth.com/.
2. Click on “For Agents/brokers.”
3. From here, you can click on “Forms, tools, and resources” to access different forms.

Policies and Procedures

Click here to download the 2020 CMS Marketing Guidelines.

Remote Selling

Global Health is introducing a Broker Support Line, 855-455-7060, that you may call and their call center representatives will be able to complete the enrollment for you telephonically, on a recorded line in compliance with CMS rules. They will complete the enrollment on your behalf, and Global Health will add you in as agent of record, which will initiate the commission.

To access this service:


  • Call 855-455-7060 with the beneficiary on the line
  • A GlobalHealth representative will answer to assist you
  • Introduce both yourself, including your agent writing number, as well as your client
  • The GlobalHealth representative will take it from that point as he/she walks through the enrollment and enters into our system, Connecture
  • This service is available Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m., CST