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Insurance Company: Lasso Healthcare
Parent Company: None

Important Contacts

Members: 866-766-2583
Agents: 800-918-3859

Enrollment Contacts

Enroll Over the Phone: 800-918-2795


Member Site: https://lassohealthcare.com/2021/members

Agent Site: https://lassohealthcare.com/2021/agents

Plan Types Offered
  1. Medicare Savings Account

Click here to get contracted with Lasso Healthcare.


Lasso requires you to complete AHIP certifications as well as Lasso Healthcare certifications.


You can request supplies by visiting the agent site and clicking on the Request Supplies button


Lasso MSA Presentation

Enrollment Methods
  1. Online – The client can complete the online enrollment form in the Enroll section of our website, using your writing number; as your NPN is included on the online enrollment form, commission will still be paid for online enrollments.
  2. Paper – Paper applications should be faxed to 888-638-6943 as soon as possible, but never later than 48 hours from completion. Include a Cover Sheet, the Lasso Healthcare MSA Enrollment Form and the Optum Bank MSA form. Scope of Appointment (SOA) forms do not need to be submitted to us, however you should retain the signed SOAs per CMS requirements and be able to produce it to Lasso Healthcare upon our request.
Scope Of Appointment (SOA)

Agents must collect a signed Scope of Appointment (SOA) and present the product to the prospective member prior to initiating any enrollment. The agent must retain the signed SOA for 10 years, per CMS requirements, and be able to produce it upon request by Lasso Healthcare. Lasso_SOA

Events – Benefit Presentations

You can register an informal or formal sales event from the Agent Section of the Lasso website. Events should be registered a minimum of 24-hours in advance.

  • MSA commissions will be paid no later than the end of the month the member is effective. Per CMS guidelines, commissions must be paid in the calendar year the member is effective.
  • Commissions are based on the contract you sign. If your commissions are assigned to another agent or agency, they will be paid to that agent or agency. If you are paid directly, they will be paid electronically to the account you indicated in your contracting paperwork. Lasso Healthcare has contracted with Ritter Insurance Marketing, so commissions will be deposited from them.
  • Lasso Healthcare has contracted Ritter Insurance Marketing to pay commissions, so commission statements will be provided by them for you to view online or through your upline.
  • Commissions are based on the contract you sign. If your commissions are assigned to another agent or agency, they will be paid to that agent or agency and your agreement with them will dictate terms of payment. If you are paid directly, they will be advanced in full for the calendar year. The Medicare Communications and Marketing Guidelines (MCMG) dictate agent compensation regarding full year (12 month) commission for members who enter our plan mid-year. The MCMG also dictates when commissions are considered “initial” or “renewal.”
  • Commissions are only prorated when required by the MCMG. Under current MCMG guidelines, if a member is joining the Lasso Healthcare MSA plan mid-year using the ICEP, they are in cycle year 1 and there is no prior plan history, the full Initial commission (12 months) would be paid without proration. Under current MCMG guidelines, if there is prior plan history, the Initial commission MUST be prorated for only the months the member is enrolled in the plan.
Client Tracking

Lasso Healthcare will provide daily updates for submitted applications’ enrollment status to the FMOs. You may also contact Lasso Healthcare Support Unit at 800-918-3859 or call your upline.