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Important Contacts

Customer Service – AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan: 1-800-523-5800
Customer Service: 1-800-950-9355
Producer Help Desk: 1-888-381-8581  |  Email: PHD@uhc.com (enter your Agent ID in the subject line)
Individual Sales: 1-888-545-5205
Network Management: 1-866-574-6088 (for contractual inquiries)
1-877-842-3210 (for demographic changes)

Fax Numbers for Applications -MA: 1-501-262-7070 or 1-866-994-9659
Part D: 1-866-994-9659

Medicare Supplement: 1-888-836-3985


UHC Medicare: https://www.uhc.com/medicare,
Producer portal: https://www.uhcjarvis.com,
UHC Plans: https://www.aarpmedicareplans.com/    (does not include DSNP information)
Medicare Educations: https://www.aarpmedicareplans.com/medicare-education.html and https://www.medicaremadeclear.com/

Plan Types Offered

  1. Medicare Advantage Plans
  2. Prescription Drug Plans
  3. Medicare Supplement
  4. Special Needs Plans


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United Healthcare requires you to complete AHIP certifications as well as United Healthcare product certifications.

To work Walmart and to be able to conduct informal sales events, you must complete optional training for United Healthcare.


    1. You will need to login to UHC Jarvis, hover over Sales and Marketing Tools then click on Sales Materials Portal. You will be redirected to the Sales Material Portal and the system will log you in automatically
    2. Once you are logged in, navigate to and click on “Sales Materials.”
    3. You can search for materials based on plan year, state and county, and item number.


    1. To access training tools, login to UHC Jarvis.
    2. Hover on “Knowledge Center.”
    3. Here you will find a list of training tools, including certification resources, training resources, job aids, and more.
    4. UnitedHealthcare also offers Medicare Made Clear, a website in which you can learn more about Medicare and also have access to videos and PDF files that cover the different parts of Medicare.
    5. Just go to the following URL: https://www.medicaremadeclear.com.
    6. Click on “Resources” at the top of the screen in order to access these materials.

Enrollment Methods

    1. Method 1: Electronic Enrollment
      1. The LEAN application allows for online enrollments, and can be used on almost any device. The LEAN electronic enrollment system is designed to reduce paperwork, speed the processing of enrollment applications, and get your commissions to you faster. You can download LEAN on the following devices:
        1. All Windows PC and Apple branded Desktops and Laptops
        2. Apple iPad (IOS 6+)
        3. Android Tablets (4.2+)
      2. To access LEAN on your browser, click here.
    2. Method 2: To submit a paper enrollment application, you will need to fax it into UnitedHealthcare within 24 hours of receiving client signatures. The fax numbers are as follows:
      1. For Medicare Advantage (fax): 1-501-262-7070 or 1-866-994-9659
      2. For Prescription Drug (fax): 1-866-994-9659
      3. For Medicare Supplement(fax): 1-888-836-3985

Scope of Appointment (SOA)

    • Agents must obtain a Scope of Appointment agreement through compliant methods from each Medicare-eligible consumer (including any unexpected Medicare-eligible individuals present) prior to the start of a personal/individual marketing appointment (e.g., in-person, telephonic, pre-scheduled, spontaneous, and regardless of the venue) when a Medicare Advantage and/or Prescription Drug Plan may be discussed.
    • A Scope of Appointment agreement must be retained for a minimum of 10 years from the date of consumer signature and made available upon request.
    • Scope of Appointment agreements completed in LEAN will be retained by UnitedHealthcare.
    • Field agents are responsible for ensuring that all completed Scope of Appointments (e.g., paper forms, non-LEAN electronic versions, forms for cancelled or rescheduled appointments, consumer no-shows, and/or appointments that do not result in an enrollment) are retained and are available upon request.
    • Effective 09/07/2019, UnitedHealthcare no longer requires paper or non-LEAN Scope of Appointments to be submitted to UnitedHealthcare. However, Scope of Appointments obtained prior to 09/07/2019, must continue to be retained in accordance with the retention requirement above.

Events – Benefit Presentations

UnitedHealthcare requires all marketing/sales events, formal and informal, be reported. Note: Effective 05/24/2019 educational events conducted on or after 06/01/2019 do not need to be reported to UnitedHealthcare.


  1. You can look at your commission statements on UHC Jarvis.
  2. To view the commissions schedule, you can find this under “Commission Status.” Here you will find the commission schedule for 2017.
  3. You can also view your past commissions statements here, by the date the application was submitted.

Client Tracking

  1. In order to track enrollment applications that you have submitted, you will need to log in to UHC Jarvis.
  2. Click on the “Applications and Enrollments” tab to be able to look at your recent activity.
  3. Under “My Recent Activity,” you will be able to review applications that you have submitted within the last 60 days.
  4. You can also search for applications via the “Applicant Search” tool.
  5. Some applications may take up to 3 business days to make their way through the appropriate systems.


  1. To find forms, log into the Producer Portal:UHC Jarvis
  2. Under “Top Documents, Links, and Contacts,” you can find certain forms like the Missing/Incomplete Application Update Request Form.

Partner in Care Resources for You
UHC want to ensure you have ways to continue to serve your members and grow your business during this time of “social distancing.” They’ve enhanced their virtual one-on-one appointment tools and highly encourage you to not conduct appointments in person at this time. New tools available include:

  • The new Virtual Appointments & Enrollment job aid includes requirements to set up telephonic appointments, as well as steps agents should take in those appointments from obtaining the scope of appointment to outlining plans, conducting enrollment via LEAN and next steps. This will help ensure you remain compliant with CMS regulations regarding MA/DSNP applications.
    • For consumers without access to the Internet, an alternative process that will be in effect through April 30, 2020 is included.
  • UHC Clarity Guide, Dual Special Needs Plan (DSNP) Consumer Guidebook and AARP® Medicare Supplement Sales Presentations are now available online via the UnitedHealthcare Toolkit.These resources can be used for one-on-one appointments to help walk consumers through plan details.
  • As a reminder they also have a number of virtual trainings available about resources you can use today. Visit Jarvis for on-demand learning so you can feel comfortable using virtual tools like:

The UHC Producer Help Desk (PHD) also remains open as usual to answer your questions via phone, virtual chat and email. Please feel free to reach out to PHD or to your agent manager for any questions.