Centene/Allwell Certifications


This is the first step in becoming certified to sell 2019/2020 Allwell and Ascension Complete products.

Completing your 2020 AHIP Certification Training through the Allwell/Ascension Complete Training Site (https://allwell.cmpsystem.com) will provide you with a couple of unique opportunities:

  • Access to a DISCOUNTED RATE of $125 (instead of $175 full price)
  • Qualify for FULL REIMBURSEMENT of 2020 AHIP Certification Training fees paid after meeting a few key requirements
    • Must be certified and contracted to sell 2020 Allwell/Ascension Complete MA plans
    • Must have a minimum of 5 new sales with an 1/1/2020 effective date
      • Qualifying sales must remain active with the plan through 3/31/2020
      • Reimbursement payout will occur in April 2020
    • Must complete 2020 AHIP Training through the Allwell/Ascension Complete Training Site
      • Or submit a receipt as proof of payment of 2020 AHIP fees paid

2020 Medicare Advantage Certification Training Schedule Preview

Step 1: Complete 2020 AHIP Certification Training
Step 2: Complete 2020 Allwell/Ascension Complete Product Training

  •  Completing this training will satisfy 2019/2020 certification requirements
  • Please note: 2019 Allwell Product Training will be available until the 2020 training launch

Step 3: Complete Steps 1 & 2 to be eligible to receive renewal compensation – By December 31, 2019


If you have any questions, please contact Medicare Broker Services, Monday – Friday. 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., all time zones (excluding holidays).
Phone: 844-202-6811
Email: MedicareBrokerServices@centene.com