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Aetna Medicare Solutions

Aetna Medicare Solutions

2022 Certifications Available June 29th

  1. Before you can begin your product certifications, you must complete your AHIP and TRANSMIT your AHIP transcript to Aetna. Using the Aetna link for AHIP gets you a $50 discount on the AHIP course.
    1. You are NOT required to be contracted (appointed) with Aetna to complete their certifications for Part-C (Medicare Advantage Plans – MA) and Part-D (Medicare Prescription Drug Plans – PDP), or to be able to use the $50 discount on the AHIP.
  2. Before beginning the AHIP, you will need to register on the Aetna Certifications Site: https://aetna.cmpsystem.com
    1. Once you are registered on the certification site, you will need to click on the AHIP link in order to be redirected to the AHIP site. If you have never been to the main AHIP site you will need to register in order to access it. You will then receive the $50 discount on the course.
  3. After completing and transmitting your AHIP to Aetna, you can begin certifications.
  4. Please note, certification opens 6/29/2021.
  5. For each certification exam, you will have 3 attempts to score 90% or higher.
  6. There are 3 parts to the Aetna certifications: Core Training & Exam, Broker Attestations (FDR, Market-Specific Training & Third-party website) and the MA/MAPD overview training & exam.
  7. After the third attempt on a mastery test, if you have not passed, you will be locked out of the portal and ineligible to sell or retest to sell.
  8. Take each course in order. The tracking system requires you to finish each part of the certification before moving to the next requirement in the sequence.
  9. Once you have completed and passed certifications and you have attended market-specific training you will receive an e-mail confirming your ready-to-sell status.

Congratulations! You are now ready to start marketing and selling Aetna & SilverScript products.