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2022 Certifications Available (TBD)

Path to Certification

    1. Complete ALL necessary paperwork
    2. Head over to Producers’ University at https://cignahealthspringproducers.com
    3. Complete all the required training on your track
    4. Pass each course with a score of at least 85%. You have 3 attempts to pass
    5. Launch and complete AHIP or Pinpoint Medicare Training from the Producers’ University or upload a certificate (from AHIP, Pinpoint or Gorman Health)

Training Tracks

Each certification training module is separate from the exam. You must first complete the training before taking the associated exam. The attestations course does not have an exam.


AHIP Reimbursement

We are pleased to announce that Cigna will again reimburse certification costs for 2022 Medicare Advantage agent certification.

    • To be eligible, you need to complete your 2022 certification by Sept. 15, 2021 AND sell five net Jan. 1, 2022 effective applications.
    • After meeting those requirements, you’ll be eligible for the following reimbursement:
      • Complete AHIP Training and all Cigna-required courses to receive $125 reimbursement.
      • Complete Gorman Health Group Training and all Cigna-required courses to receive $99 reimbursement.
      • Complete Pinpoint Medicare Training and all Cigna-required courses to receive $89.95 reimbursement.

Additional Information

AHIP Certificates – Please note that you will only see a “Transmit to CignaHealthSpring” link on your AHIP page if you registered for 2022 AHIP directly from the Producers’ University. Regardless, your AHIP completion records should sync automatically to our system and you should not need to manually upload a certificate.

Please contact the HAAL unit at 866.442.7516 for all certification related support and do not forget to leave us a feedback by completing the certification evaluation survey on your learning track.