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2022 Certifications Available June 29th

NOTE:  Agents must successfully complete the entire initial certification training requirements and the annual re-certification training requirements thereafter to be certified in all Humana Medicare Advantage and PDP products.

A Word about AHIP Basic Medicare and FWA Training

AHIP’s basic Medicare and Fraud Waste and Abuse (FWA) courses are a mandatory part of both certification and re-certification. Agents who enroll in their AHIP training through one of Humana’s certification or re-certification courses will receive a discount on their AHIP training cost.

AHIP Basic Medicare Training Testing Requirement

Humana requires that agents pass AHIP’s basic Medicare course test within the first three test attempts. Any passing test score earned after the first three attempts will not be accepted and agents will not be able to continue their training.

    1. Prior to completing Humana product certifications, you will need to complete the AHIP.
    2. In order to receive a $50 discount on the AHIP, reducing the price to $125, you can complete the training through the Aetna certification portal.
      1. You do not need to be contracted with Aetna in order to register on their site. Once you have registered, you can access the AHIP training through the Aetna certification portal, and receive the $50 discount. Click here to learn more. 
    3. After you have completed your AHIP, you will need to transmit your AHIP transcript to Humana.
    4. After you have transmitted your transcript and received your Humana writing number, you will need to register on the Agent Portal in order to begin the certification process.
    5. Please note that if you complete your 2022 certifications, you will not need to complete 2021 certifications in order to sell 2021 plans during AEP. The 2022 certifications will cover you for the rest of the plan year 2021.
    6. To complete online certifications, you will need to log in as an agent at https://www.humana.com/logon.
    7. Choose “For Your Retail Business”.
    8. Access Humana MarketPoint University through the Education Card Or Clicking Get Certified on the Licensing Certification and Contracts card Click on the “Certifications & Courses” link.
    9. Once you enter Humana MarketPoint University (HMU), you can access your certification course by clicking View on the top banner or “Certifications & Courses” or from the drop down menu.
    10. You will need to complete each module in order. You may go back and review each course, but do not go ahead until each course is completed.
    11. After you have completed each course, you will need to take the final exam.
    12. The Humana portion (after AHIP) of Certification and Recertification courses contain 2 tests:
      1. Practice Test – Contains similar questions that agents will see on the final exam. Agents are encouraged to take the practice test as many times as they need to gain confidence for passing the final exam.
      2. Final Exam – The final exam contains some questions from the practice test, plus new questions.
          • Here is what agents need to know about the final exam:
            • The final exam consists of 20 questions covering the Agent Guidance material in the Agent Guidance and Testing section
            • The final exam is a timed test. You will have 45 minutes to complete the test
            • Any unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect
            • A passing score of 85% is required to successfully pass the final exam
            • You will have 3 attempts to pass the final exam
              • What constitutes an “attempt” on the final exam? An attempt is ONLY used when the agent clicks the test submit button or When the test timer reaches 45 minutes (the system will automatically submit the test and all unanswered questions will be counted as incorrect). No other conditions can occur that will cause an attempt to be taken. For example, loss of electricity or accidental computer shut down does not cause an attempt to be taken.
    13. The final exam is timed, and you must pass with a score of 85%. You will have three times to pass the final exam. Each question has a button that will take you to the Agent Guidance material. Before you click the button please check which section it says you need to look in to find the answer.
    14. Once you have completed all certification courses and have passed the final exam, you will be ready to sell Humana Medicare Products.