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Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha

2022 Certifications Available (TBD)

  1. Contracting – In order to sell Prescription Drug Plans a OHIC contract must be signed and submitted.
  2. AHIP Certification – All producers wishing to sell MA and PDP must successfully complete the 2022 America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) certification. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requires that any producer who wants to sell MA or PDP must complete a Medicare and Fraud, Waste, and Abuse training and certification. Only training and certification from AHIP will be accepted by OHIC.
    1. Access – The AHIP certification link can be found on Sales Professional Access (SPA) (http://www.mutualofomaha.com/broker). Products > Medicare Solutions > Sales Tools >Product Education > AHIP Training (Note – an AHIP certification link also resides on the product pages for MA and PDP on SPA)
    2. Discount – A $50 discount will be applied when a producer completes certification via our SPA link. The charge is $125.
    3. Passing Score – You are allowed three attempts to pass with a minimum score of 90 percent.
    4. Submission – Upon successful completion of the AHIP Certification, you may have your results submitted electronically to Mutual of Omaha. To have your results submitted directly to Mutual of Omaha, you must access the AHIP Training link within SPA. If you’ve taken your AHIP training through another carrier, you can have your results sent to Mutual of Omaha. No need to pay to take the training again. You’ll find instructions as you click through the AHIP training link on Sales Professional Access.
  3. Product Training – Specific product training for PDP must be successfully completed for each plan year you are selling.
    1. Access – Specific product training can be found on SPA. Prescription Drug Link: Products > Medicare Solutions > Prescription Drug Plan > Product Training
    2. Passing Score – You are allowed three attempts to pass with a minimum score of 85 percent.

Notification of Ready To Sell

When OHIC has record of an executed contract and successful completion of both the AHIP Certification and product specific training:

    • An appointment notification will be emailed to the MGA notifying them that the producer is ready to sell.
    • A welcome packet will be emailed to the producer notifying them that they are ready to sell.
    • The MGA can verify on Sales Professional Access OHIC state appointment status.

Becoming Ready to Sell is an annual requirement. All producers planning to offer Prescription Drug plans must certify for each plan year they  wish to sell. Compensation cannot be paid to producers that are not Ready to Sell. To be considered ready to sell, you must have: the applicable AHIP Certification; successfully passed the specific product training; and, be licensed and appointed – as required by each state – as of the application sign date.