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United Healthcare

United Healthcare

2022 Certifications Available June 28th

  1. EDC (External) Agent must choose whether to pursue America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) Certification before starting the 2022 Medicare Basics* Test. If an  EDC Agent completes AHIP certification, they will get credit for Medicare Basics, which includes Medicare Advantage Plans (non-Special Needs Plans), Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, and Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans upon completion of the other two prerequisites tests.
  2. Prior to completing United Healthcare product certifications, you must complete your AHIP Medicare Training.
  3. In order to receive a discount on your AHIP, Aetna offers a $50 discount- you do not have to be contracted in order to complete your AHIP through Aetna. Click here for more detailed instructions.
  4. After completing your AHIP, you can begin product certifications for United Healthcare. Please note that if you complete your 2021 certifications, you will not need to complete 2020 certifications in order to sell 2020 plans during AEP. The 2021 certifications will cover you for the rest of the plan year 2020.
  5. To complete certifications, you will login to UHC Jarvis.
  6. You must register upon first-time use of Jarvis: https://www.uhcjarvis.com/. Registration is begun by clicking on the “Register” button located on the home page.
    1. The following information is needed in order to register for account activation: Party ID (communicated in the Party ID Notification Letter) or Writing Number/Agent ID (communicated in Welcome Letter) Social Security number or Tax identification number, and ZIP code.
  7. Once you have registered on Jarvis after receiving your Party ID, you will need to log in to begin certifications.
  8. Hover on the Knowledge Center and click on Learning Lab.
  9. The opening page of the Learning Lab is the Welcome Screen. Click Continue to my dashboard..
  10. On the Dashboard, click on the learning Path to view your certification modules.
  11. IMPORTANT: If you choose to certify via AHIP, you need to complete the 2020 AHIP Certification before any other 2020 Certification tests. Failure to do so will result in AHIP score rejection.
  12. If you have NOT completed your AHIP you can complete the UHC Prerequisites, in place of it. Please note that this will only replace the AHIP for UHC. To certify with other carriers you will still need to complete the AHIP.
  13. Next, you must pass the following tests:
    1. 2022 Pledge of Compliance
    2. 2022 Conflict of Interest
    3. 2022 Ethics and Compliance
    4. 2022 AARP® Course
    5. 2022 Chronic Condition and Dual Special Needs (CSNP-DSNP)
  14. Each topic has two items listed: a course module which is optional and an assessment module which is required.
  15. Prerequisite assessments must be taken in order.
  16. Product assessments can be completed after the prerequisite assessments.
  17. If you intend to work in a Walmart during AEP you will need to complete the Events Basic Certification on the Electives page.

For more details on the UHC Annual Certification Requirements please view the Certification Guide.

When all contracting requirements are met and you have taken and passed all mandatory certification tests and at least one product certification test, Agent On-Boarding will submit state appointment requests to each state requested.

Once the appointment request is submitted, you will be issued a writing number. You are now ready to sell.