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OLD Contracting


Please watch all three videos. These are important steps in getting contracted with ABC Medicare. 

Your first step is to create an account on our online contracting platform. You will need your Social Security Number for this step. Click the button above to be directed to our online platform to create your account. Once you are done, you will receive an email from SuranceBay to confirm your email address. You must complete the verification to finish step one and move on to step two.

For the second step, you will need a copy of your E&O coverage, a copy of a voided check or letter from your bank and your state license number. In this step, you will complete your profile for the account you just created. As you complete each section of your profile section, a green checkmark will appear on the corresponding tab (see photo to the right). Make sure all sections have a green checkmark to complete this step. Once you have finished creating your profile you can move on to step three.

Your final step is to request appointments with carriers.