BlueCross BlueShield (HCSC) Certifications Available July 8, 2020

Illinois, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Texas

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Please note that 2021 BCBS product certifications do NOT count for 2020 BCBS products. If you enroll someone in a 2020 BCBC product and you have NOT completed your 2020 BCBS product certification then you will NOT get paid for that enrollment.


Step 1 - Complete the 2021 AHIP Medicare Training and transmit your transcript to HCSC (Health Care Service Corp). If you are currently contracted with HCSC you can access the AHIP through their certification site.

Along with HCSC, I sell MAPD/PDP plans for another company. I completed the AHIP course, but didn’t use the HCSC/AHIP link. How can I transfer my AHIP course credits to HCSC?

Producers who have completed the AHIP course for another MAPD/PDP plan may transfer AHIP credits to HCSC.

  • Log into the AHIP/HCSC site:
  • Click on the AHIP course completion (by opening your completion via the HCSC/AHIP link, it has now been transferred to HCSC)
  • Log into the CMP site
  • Click on the AHIP Medicare Training and your completion will be listed
  • Click on “Transfer credits to HCSC” located in the upper right hand corner

Step 2 - Complete your 2021 BCBS - HCSC product certification using the following link:

If you have not previously registered on this site you will need to do so.  You will need your 9 digit BCBS producer or sub-producer number (depending on how you're contracted with BCBS) when registering. IMPORTANT - If you are a sub-producer under your agency, you will NOT be completely certified (Ready-To-Sell) until your agency principle registers and logs in with the AGENCY 9 digit producer number and completes the Agency attestation for each product year.

Current users will log into the HCSC/CMP site using the link above.  Users will be directed to validate their NPN and profile page including their demographic information.  Once the profile has been validated, users will be directed to their do list.  The user’s to do list will be displayed in the following order.

  • 2021 AHIP Course
  • 2021 Sales Agent Requirements Course
  • 2021 MAPD/PDP Course
  • 2021 MAPD/PDP Exam
  • 2021 Producer Certification Form
  • 2021 Producer Amendment (applicable for individual producers and entities)

Please click on the first task listed as the 2021 AHIP Course.  You will be directed to the AHIP course on the AHIP platform.  Upon completing the AHIP course, you will be directed back to the HCSC page in the upper right hand corner.   On the HCSC page, first HCSC training course will be unlocked. As you complete each course, the next one will automatically unlock.

How many attempts do I have to pass the AHIP and the HCSC exams?

Both AHIP and HCSC allow three attempts to pass the exams for certification. Should an agent fail the AHIP exam, they may repurchase another AHIP course at the $125 fee and be allowed to retake all AHIP courses/exams. Agents may repurchase the AHIP course as many times as they would like.

Although rare, a producer that uses up their three attempts during the HCSC curriculum will be locked out from the certification process and will not be able to certify to sell, market, or service 2021 MAPD or PDP products.

I submitted an exam and it indicated that I “Failed” to pass with the required passing score. How quickly may I take the exam again?

The system will allow producers to take a subsequent exam almost immediately. Please keep in mind, upon the third exam failure, a producer will be locked out of the system for the 2021 MAPD/PDP plan year.

I have started the curriculum, but was interrupted and had to return. Will I receive credit for work already performed such as "previously started” exam?

Yes. If for some reason your training is interrupted, you will be locked out after an hour of non-use.  When you log back in, you will be able to pick up where you left off. You will receive credit for all prior course work completed but not for any exams in progress. If you were in the process of completing an exam, you will be required to start the exam over from the beginning.

What is the passing score for the HCSC certification exam and the AHIP exams?

The HCSC passing score is 85%, and the AHIP passing score is 90%.

What is considered an exam completion attempt?

A completion attempt occurs only after clicking the exam’s “Submit” button.

What are the annual MAPD/PDP certification requirements for each HCSC producer type?

Agency Principals, Producers, Sub-Producers and Agencies are required to complete the certification tasks. Below is a high level overview to help guide producers.

Agency Principals, Individual Producers and Sub-Producers must complete the following tasks:

Part 1: The AHIP platform will be used for the following courses/exams/forms.

  • Medicare Basics
  • Medicare Marketing Rules and Regulations
  • Non-Discrimination Training (including a short exam)
  • Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA)/General Compliance Attestation
  • FWA Exam
  • Final Exam

Part 2: The HCSC/CMP page on the AHIP platform will be used for the following courses/exams/forms.

  • Sales Agent Requirements course
  • MAPD/PDP Product course and exam
  • Producer or Agency Certification Form
  • Producer or Agency Amendment (this doesn’t apply to Sub Producers)

All Agency Types (Agency, EGA, FMO, GA, NMO and TMO)
All agency tasks are only available on the HCSC/CMP site.  Agency Principals must complete the following tasks:

  • Agency Certification Form
  • Agency Amendment

Note: To certify an agency, all principals (non-selling and selling) must complete their sub-producer training and the assigned agency curriculum tasks.

How long does it take to complete the curriculum and exams?

Because each individual has his or her own reading comprehension and testing abilities, we cannot provide an exact time for completion.

How will I know when I have successfully completed the annual MAPD/PDP certification process?

Upon successful completion, producers will receive a completion certificate via the HCSC/CMP site and a congratulatory email. This message which will be sent to the email address provided to Producer Administration upon onboarding.

I believe I completed all of the requirements for the 2021 MAPD/PDP certification, but I did not receive the congratulatory email. Who can I contact?

Confirmation emails should be received within two to three business days of completion and will be sent to the email address provided to Producer Administration upon onboarding. If producers need to contact us, they can send an email requesting MAPD/PDP certification verification to

  • Here’s a tip: For quicker service, provide your full name and your National Producer number.

Will I be notified if I started a course and did not complete it?

Notification of incompletion will be sent by email approximately seven days after the producer begins the certification process and has failed to complete the training.

I sell MAPD/PDP products in multiple states. Will my certification completion satisfy the HCSC requirement for the other states?

The certification you have completed in one state will satisfy the requirements for all states: BCBSIL, BCBSMT, BCBSNM, BCBSOK, and BCBSTX.

What if I have technical problems? Who do I call?

AHIP Site and Curriculum Technical Support:
866-234-6909 or

HCSC/CMP Site and Curriculum Technical Support:
888-706-0583 or

General questions about the certification requirements: 
Producer Service Center: 855-782-4272 or contact your HCSC representative.


When will I be able to begin the 2020 MAPD/PDP annual certification process?

June 22, 2019 (2021 AHIP Curriculum launches)
July 8, 2019 (2020 HCSC Curriculum will launch)

Here are the important dates for the 2020 Annual MAPD/PDP Certification Process:

  • June 17, 2019 – 2020 AHIP Curriculum opens for producers
  • July 8, 2019 – 2021 HCSC Curriculum opens for producers
  • December 24, 2020 – 2021 Renewal Commission Deadline: HCSC Certification will close for sub-producers at 11:59 p.m.
  • December 31, 2020 – 2021 Renewal Commission Deadline: HCSC Certification will close for all individual producers and agencies at 11:59 p.m.
  • January 2, 2021 – 2021 Certification will reopen for Feb. 2021 effective dates and beyond

Important Deadline Notice: To retain all renewals, producers/agencies must certify by December 31, 2020.