Step 1: Create a free account


  1. Visit Join.Me
  2. Choose the orange "Get Started" button.
  3. Enter your information (several screens).
  4. Download the app to your desktop.

<---It will look like this.

****Do not pay for the pro version. You will be able to keep the free version indefinitely and it will suit our purposes.****


Step 2: Double-click on the app

A small dark menu frame will appear at the top of your screen.

It will unfold and you will see two options --Start or Join a meeting.

Step 3: Start meeting, call for support

  1. Choose Start a meeting. **Always choose the "one-time code" option before clicking the play button to the right.
  2. Call for support (Ext. 1005).
  3. We will ask for the 9-digit code located in the small black box at the very top of your screen.
  4. We will join the meeting allowing us to see what's on your screen.


*Sometimes, you will be asked to join a meeting, and in those cases, we can share our screens with you to help you resolve your issue.