SilverScript Certifications Available July 1, 2020

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SilverScript & Aetna are now owned by CVS. Beginning this year, SilverScript certifications are accessed through Producer World.


  1. The first step is to contract with Aetna. This is a requirement to be eligible for commissions on plans with effective dates of 1/1/2020 and later. (Note: If you’re already contracted for Aetna MA/MAPD, you can skip this step, as there’s no additional action you need to take with your contract.)
  2. Before you can begin certifications, you will need to complete AHIP training.
  3. In order to receive a price reduction on your AHIP, Aetna offers a $50 discount- you do not have to be contracted in order to complete your AHIP through Aetna. Click here for more detailed instructions.
  4. Once completed, you must transmit your AHIP transcript to SilverScript.
  5. Once your AHIP has been transmitted, you can begin SilverScript product certifications.
  6. Log in to Producer World and click “Individual Medicare” at the top of the page. Under Quick Links, click “SilverScript Agent Portal.”
  7. Next, you’ll need to choose a new username and password for the SilverScript Agent Portal, and attest to the site attestation.
    • IMPORTANT: Even if you have an existing username and password for the SilverScript site, you must create a new username/password through this process. Otherwise, you can’t access 2020 certification.
  8. From the SilverScript Agent Portal homepage, click “Tools” and then “Training and Certification.”
  9. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  10. Click the red button at the bottom of the page that says"Launch Training."
  11. Within a few seconds the CourseMill window will open and take you immediately to the My Courses page.
  12. Click the green and white icon to access the course list.
  13. After you click the icon, a list of the assigned training courses will appear.
  14. Start each course by clicking the blue and white launch icon next to the course name.
  15. After you complete a course and pass the exam with a 90% or higher you will be directed back to the My Courses page.
  16. Repeat the steps above until you complete all the required courses.
  17. Do not attempt courses for which you have requested that SilverScript apply your AHIP or Gorman credit.
  18. Once you’re contracted and certified, if you’re a writing agent, you’ll receive a ready-to-sell email notification from us confirming that you’re ready to sell 2020  SilverScript PDP.

Please note: There are separate certification processes for Aetna MA/MAPD and SilverScript PDP. Completing 2020 Aetna certification does not satisfy the certification requirement for SilverScript.