AHIP Medicare Training Courses

AHIP Medicare Training - Introduction

AHIP Medicare Training Part 1 - Original Medicare

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Are you prepared for your 2020 AHIP certification test? We have created these videos to help you prepare for the AHIP test and help you succeed.

In order to sell Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans during the 2020 Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), most carriers require completion of the AHIP Medicare training courses. The AHIP certification test does have a 2-hour time limit, so it is important that you study hard in order to make the test simpler.

The AHIP certification test costs $175 for three attempts, but many carriers offer a discounted rate of $125 if you take the exam through the carrier portal. You have to score at least 90% to pass. If you fail all 3 attempts you will need to apply and pay again for 3 additional attempts.

Once you have completed the AHIP certification you must then upload it to the website of each carrier you wish to work with. After uploading the certification, the carrier will normally have additional carrier-specific training listed in order to satisfy their requirements to sell.

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