Our Training Courses

Business Plan

A brief overview of things to consider when setting up your business. Includes a worksheet to get you started.




We cover all the information that will be on the AHIP so that you can pass the test with no problems.



Advantages of Medicare Advantage Plans

Learn what it is that sets Medicare Advantage Plans apart from Original Medicare and Medigap Plans.



Enrollment Periods

Open Enrollment, Annual Enrollment, Special Enrollment – Know the difference to avoid rejected applications.



Limited Income

Learn how you can help people determine if they qualify for any of the state and federal assistance programs available to Medicare beneficiaries.



Client Interview

Learn what questions you should be asking once you have a client consultation.



Selling Remotely

Learn how to use our agent tools and resources to conduct a presentation via zoom.



Quoting Tool

Need a Med Supp or Medicare Advantage quote? We’ve got you covered. Learn how to quote and enroll through our quoting tool.



Managing Your Business

Whether you are new to owning your own business or you’ve been doing it for years, we provide you with the training to be successful.




Contracting is one of the most fundamental steps in starting your journey and we make sure it’s done right.



Medicare Basics

Medicare is complicated. We break it down into segments that you can learn quickly and easily.




Learn how to introduce yourself, speak to property managers, pharmacists and what is involved with working in a retail kiosk.



Medicare Supplement Basics

We can help you learn the basics of Medicare Supplement Plans so you can start selling fast.




Social Security

Social Security can be difficult to navigate. We make it easy.



Client Scenarios

We teach you how to navigate the many different situations you will encounter with your clients.




Medicare Presentation

We teach you exactly what to say when giving a one on one educational Medicare presentation to a potential client.



Enrollment Portal

We conduct regular training on our Enrollment Portal so you are always up to date on the latest features.



Closing the Sale

We teach you how to successfully close your sales and what to say to get you there.



Part D Prescription Drug Plans

Coverage Gap. Donut Hole. Catastrophic Coverage. Penalties. All of these (and more) are important parts of Part D coverage that we can teach you.




When and how do I get paid? It’s what everyone wants to know and we’ve got the answers!



Free Courses

All of our courses are provided at absolutely no cost to our partners. We are only successful if you are and you shouldn’t have to pay for training.