Getting Started

To get started, let us help you get certified and contracted to sell Medicare plans.

Lets Get Started

Most people are confused about Medicare and their options.  The first step is to get certified to sell Medicare Plans. Whether you are a Medicare Pro or just getting started, we can help you build a more successful business; from training to support to marketing- we can help. With 13,500 Americans turn 65 every day and qualify for Medicare the opportunities are unlimited. Let us help you build a $100,000 a year business!

There is a tremendous need for Medicare Plan agents who have a heart to help seniors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing is simply finding people to help. Having people who care on your side is the key to a successful business. You can have the best products or services in the world, but without support- your business is in trouble. We have helped countless agents build their own successful businesses after they partner with us, and we want to help you too! 

We offer resources to all our agents at little to no cost. We know what works and we want to share it with you. 

Do I Need An Insurance License?

Yes, you will need a valid health insurance license. Visit our Get Licensed page to get started.

Check with your state Department of Insurance for licensing requirements specific to your state.

Do I need additional training and how do I get it?

Yes, you will need to pass the annual AHIP certification if you are going to sell Medicare Advantage plans.

At ABC Medicare Help, we offer free AHIP training, which consists of the basics of eligibility, benefits, and information on Medicare fraud. These two courses are called AHIP Medicare Training and Fraud, Waste & Abuse AHIP certification. This certification is required by most carriers to sell Medicare Plans, and costs usually $175, however most carriers offer a $50 discount.

Where Do I Get My Products?

You will need to contract with Insurance Carriers in your area to be able to sell their products.

How Do I Make My First Sale?

Marketing is everything! That’s why we offer help with your social media marketing, free training, marketing co-op money, and a marketing material catalog. ABC Medicare Help offers all of these services and items to our partners to help them market their business.

What About Medicare Leads?

One of the bonuses of partnering with ABC Medicare Help is that we provide free turning 65 leads! In addition, we offer free Wal-Mart kiosks during the annual enrollment period (Oct 15 – Dec 7), digital leads, and direct mail leads. We want to help you succeed, so we provide extra help to our partners.

What About Sales Tools?

At ABC Medicare, once you become partner you receive your own individual Medicare Plan Enrollment website, as well as a quoting app for your phone or PC. We also offer social media marketing and step-by-step training on how to market to seniors.

What Are Some Benefits To Selling Medicare?

Selling Medicare Plans is a very lucrative business. Not only do you get your own business, but as an independent agent, you will receive full commissions and residuals! Another benefit that can be extremely rewarding is helping seniors get the health coverage that fits their needs.

If selling Medicare Plans and helping people sounds like something you have a passion for, please contact us today. We want to help you grow a more successful business!