How To Get An Insurance License in Montana

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Q: What type of insurance license is needed to offer Medicare plans in Montana?

Disability (Health) Producer License 

Q: What are the Licensing Steps in Montana?

Step 1 (optional): Complete an optional prelicensing course that helps prepare you to take and pass your licensing exam.

Step 2: Schedule your exam with your state’s testing provider, Pearson Vue, at least 24 hours prior to your desired examination date. The fastest way to schedule your exam is to do so online with Pearson Vue You can also schedule your exam over the phone at (800) 274-8906. The examination fee is $59.

To change or cancel your testing appointment, you must contact Pearson Vue at least 48 hours in advance or forfeit the examination fee.

Be aware that the state of Montana requires fingerprinting. After scheduling your examination, you must contact IdentoGO By MorphoTrust USA who provides a digital fingerprinting service to schedule a fingerprinting session. You can contact IdentoGO By MorphoTrust USA at 1 (866) 761-8069, or, https://pearsonwest.ibtfingerprint.comThe fee for digital fingerprinting is $54.00

Step 3: Take and pass your state licensing exam. On the day of your appointment, arrive at the test center 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to complete the necessary sign-in procedures. You must bring with you two (2) forms of personal ID (driver’s license, passport, military I.D., etc.) Both must have your signature, and one of the two must have your photo. You will not be able to take your exam if these requirements are not met.

The computerized exam is scored immediately upon completion of parts I and II of the exam.

Step 4: Allow up to three business days for the exam results to transfer to the NIPR Online System. Apply for your license with NIPR. Detailed licensing information can be found through the Department of Insurance.

No Licensing Fee for Residents

Step 5: Maintain your license by being aware of your continuing education requirements. Most insurance licenses must be maintained by completing a certain number of credit hours of continuing education each licensing period. ExamFX offers continuing education courses that will help you comply with your state’s requirements. Click here to view your state’s education rules and stay on top of your license.

Q: How do I study for my health insurance license exam in Montana?

Montana does not require licensing candidates to complete pre-licensing education; however, we highly recommends that you complete an educational course before attempting to take your state’s licensing exam. 

We recommend using ExamFX for pre-licensing study.

Q: How do I schedule to take my health insurance exam in Montana?

  • Online reservations are the most efficient way for candidates to schedule their examination. 
    • Candidates must go to to make an online reservation for an examination. 
    • First-time users are required to create an account. 
    • The candidate will need to fill in all required fields, which are preceded by an asterisk (*), on the online form in order to create an ID and be assigned a password. 
    • Step-by-step instructions will lead the candidate through the rest of the examination reservation process. 
    • Candidates must make an online reservation at least twenty-four (24) hours before the desired examination date. 
  • Candidates who wish to make a phone reservation at (800) 274-8906 must do so at least twenty-four (24) hours before the desired examination date. 

Q: Are there different parts to the health insurance exam?

There are 2 parts of the test in Montana:

  1. General Knowledge which includes Product Knowledge, Terms and Concepts
  2. Montana Specific which includes State Statutes, Rules and Regulations

Q: How do I apply for a nonresident health insurance license in Montana?

Apply online at 

Licensing Fee is $100

Q: How do I renew my health insurance license in Montana?

  • Renewal applications are not required for resident producer licenses.
  • Renew your non-resident license, at NIPR. You can find the rules for non-resident individual and business entity licensing renewals at NIPR.

Renewal Fee for Nonresidents is $50

Q: What do I do if my health insurance license has expired in Montana?

You can reinstate your license by applying for a new license through NIPR.

  • Applicant cannot renew an inactive license, but they may renew an expired license up to one year after expiration. If the license is inactive, applicant must reinstate or reapply through Non-Resident NRL Application.

Late Renewal Fee is $100

Q: What do I do for Continuing Education to keep my health insurance license in Montana?

  • Persons licensed as a producer for any of the lines of property, casualty, surety, title, life, health, disability, or as an adjuster or consultant must complete 24 approved credit hours by the license lapse/renewal date.
  • Non-resident adjusters who live in a state with no continuing education requirements must complete 24 hours of continuing education as well.  
  • Continuing Education courses are reported directly to our office by the course providers within 30 days of the course completion. The courses must be reported before the license renewal date. 
  • Every licensee must include a minimum of 1 approved credit hour of legislative changes in Montana insurance statutes and administrative rules as part of each biennial continuing education filing. 
  • Every licensee, with the exception of persons licensed to sell only the line of limited lines credit insurance, prepaid legal insurance, or surety bail bonds, must include a minimum of 3 credit hours of ethics as part of each biennial continuing education filing.

Montana Insurance Licensing Candidate Handbook

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