How to get an Insurance License in Wyoming

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Q: What type of insurance license is needed to offer Medicare plans in Wyoming?

Accident, Health, Sickness and Disability Insurance Producer license

Q: What are the Licensing Steps in Wyoming?

Step 1 (optional): Complete an optional prelicensing course that helps prepare you to take and pass your licensing exam. We recommend using ExamFX.

Step 2: Schedule your exam with your state’s testing provider, Pearson VUE. The fastest way to schedule your exam is to do so online at Pearson VUE’s Wyoming specific page. You can also schedule your exam over the phone at (866) 936-7786.

Exam Fee: Combination Exam-$113  Single Line Exam-$96

Step 3: Take and pass your state licensing exam. On the day of your appointment you must bring with you two valid forms of government issued identification (driver’s license, passport, military I.D., etc.) one of which must contain a photograph. You will not be able to take your exam if these requirements are not met.

When you complete your exam a score report will be provided marked “pass” or “fail.” If you pass you will receive more information on how to apply for your license at that time.

Step 4: Apply for your license online with NIPR and complete other licensing requirements such as fingerprinting. Upon receipt of your licensing application and fees, the Department will send a fingerprint packet the address specified. Applicants must make arrangements with their local law enforcement to obtain fingerprints. There may be a fee charged by law enforcement. Further directions regarding fingerprinting and background check information will be found in the packet delivered by the Department.

Wyoming State Insurance Department

License Fee: $100

Q: How do I study for my health insurance license exam in Wyoming?

We recommend using ExamFx for all Pre-Licensing study material.

Q: How do I schedule to take my health insurance exam in Wyoming?

Schedule your exam with your state’s testing provider, Pearson VUE. The fastest way to schedule your exam is online at Pearson VUE. You can also schedule your exam over the phone at (866) 936-7786.

Exam Fee: Combination Exam-$113  Single Line Exam-$96

Q: Are there different parts to the health insurance exam?

• Field Underwriting
• Types of Health Policies
• Health Policy Provisions, Clauses and Riders
• Social Insurance
• Other Insurance Concepts

State Law
• Wyoming Rules and Regulations Common to All Lines
• Wyoming Rules and Regulations for Health Only

Q: How do I apply for a nonresident health insurance license in Wyoming?

Non-Residents must currently be licensed as a Resident Producer and in good standing in his/her home state, must submit an application, and pay fees.

Non-Resident License Fee: $150

Q: How do I renew my health insurance license in Wyoming?

Renewal invoices are emailed approximately 90 days prior to the license expiration date. For your convenience and expedited processing, you may renew through Sircon or NIPR. If you are required to complete continuing education (CE), the provider will need to report all completed CE credit hours prior to the expiration date in order to renew the license.

Resident Renewal Fee: $100

Non-Resident Renewal Fee: $150

Q: What do I do if my health insurance license has expired in Wyoming?

If a license is not renewed by the renewal date and the licensee wishes to reinstate a license within twelve (12) months of the lapse, the licensee will be subject to a reinstatement penalty equal to and payable in addition to the license renewal fee. The licensee must submit a renewal/continuation application, the provider electronic CE certificates and CE filing fee (if CE is required and not previously submitted), the renewal fee and the reinstatement penalty fee.

If the license terminated more than twelve (12) months prior to the desired reinstatement, the licensee will be treated as a new applicant. The applicant must apply for a new license, including, if applicable, taking the appropriate examination and providing fingerprints.

Resident Late Renewal Fee: $200

Non-Resident Late Renewal Fee: $300

Q: What do I do for Continuing Education to keep my health insurance license in Wyoming?

CE Guidelines

Producers in Wyoming are required to take 24 hours of CE, including 3 hours of ethics, every 2-year license term. Wyoming’s license term is 2 years ending on the last day of the licensee’s birth month.

Students may take an approved course in any line of authority to obtain their Continuing Education credits,

Approved Courses

It is recommended that producers take courses pertaining to their license type.

Repeated Courses

A student cannot take a course more than once in a 2-year license term.

Credits Carried Over

No carry over credits are allowed


A licensee who is not a resident of this State, who resides in a state or district having continuing education requirements which meet or exceed this State’s requirements, need only comply with his resident state’s requirements